The site is currently accessed via Wellington Way, a private access road which served the previous employment uses at the site and connects directly to the strategic highway network at the St Neots Road / Highfields Road Roundabout. This would serve the site prior to the Bourn New Village being constructed.

As part of the Bourn New Village proposals a new access road is proposed, which would serve as the main access to the Bourn Quarter once constructed. This new road will also connect directly to the strategic highway network, therefore limiting the impact of HGV movements on Bourn and Caldecote.


Current and future access to the site shown on Countryside masterplan

An appropriate level of parking will be provided which meets anticipated demand and accords with the latest local authority parking standards for this type of development.

Secure, safe and weatherproof cycle parking will be provided, in order to encourage future  employees to cycle to work from surrounding residential settlements. Charging points for electric vehicles will also be included.

The proposals also contain cycle and pedestrian routes through the site to provide permeability and access for future and existing residents.


The drainage system will aim to improve on the existing site situation and reduce any current flood risk by significantly restricting discharge rates. This will include the use of permeable paving and below ground storage tanks.

A piped culvert, which currently connects existing watercourses located to the eastern and western boundaries, will be redirected to the south via a new open ditch. This will encourage habitat and benefit the surrounding watercourse network by providing additional capacity for water flow.